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Fuzheng Quintet Performance

Fuzheng Quintet features a cross-cultural collaboration of Western and Eastern traditional instrumentation together to demonstrate the diversity of the Australian community.

Dunhuang Xinyu 敦煌新语 (New Sense in Dunhuang) (2009)

Contemporary composition, composed by Ying Jiang, arranged by Annie Wang and Adrienne Hanslow

-Guzheng: Ousiyu(Julia) Luo; Piano: Annie Wang; Flute: Brianna Walkden-Brown; Alto Flute: Isabelle Egan; Auxiliary flutes: Adrienne Hanslow

Song in Winter | Guzheng, piano, flute and percussion

The idea of “Song in Winter” came from the imagination of the pine and the bamboo. They are so persistent and dauntless.

Standing in the frigid winter, they are evergreens. In Chinese paintings, they are featured characters; in Chinese literature, they are praised as symbols against evil influences and unhealthy trends. I admire their beautiful appearances and their strong spirit. I express my feelings through my music, which combines Chinese and Western musical materials and medium. There are blowing, plucking, keyboard, and percussion instruments together as a whole. The silence between the gestures is like the space in brush painting and calligraphy. Although i have been living in a Western society for seven years, I have found my thinking closely linked with Chinese arts. I merged them into my musical language in the mixed quartet.

Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye 《春江花月夜》 (Blossoms on a Moonlit River in Spring) | Li Yugang arr. Adrienne Hanslow

This piece originated from the traditional pipa solo piece with different names and versions: PA & Xunyang yueye (Xunyang in Moonlight);夕阳算鼓 xiyang xiaogu (xiaogu Music at sunset) . It was rearranged into a Silk and Bamboo ensemble (Jiangnan sizhu) piece in 1925, it depicts five sceneries including spring, river, flower, moon and night in the Jiangnan region which is located in the South part of China.

Solo Performance

Xing Zhe《行者》(Walker) (2015)

Zheng and piano concerto, composed by Wei Jun

This piece refers to the “Poluo Menyin” from Xi’an wind and percussion music. It depicts the ancient silk road and the journey to  discover the ancient oasis – “Kucha” which disappeared in the desert for thousands of  years. Long known for its magical and beautiful existence, that once spread the sacred morality and civilization and along the way, reproduces its glory that it once had.

Tao Hua Yuan《桃花源》(Peach Blossom Spring) (2015)

Zheng and piano concerto, composed by Li Bo

The “Peach Blossom Spring” is inspired by Chinese poet Tao Yuanming’s poem “Taohua Yuanji”. This composition was inspired by the composer’s memories and sentiments for beautiful things. The Peach Blossom Spring is an imaginary location, an unforgettable memory, and a unique experience in a person’s life.

Nao Yuan Xiao《闹元宵》(1956)

Chinese Henan school zheng repertoire, composed by Cao Dongfu

This piece is a representative zheng repertoire in Henan School. Within the multi-section structure of the music, the composer absorbs some of the rich local characteristics of Henan folk tones, combined with unique performance techniques which describes a festive scene of the Henan folk customs celebrating the Lantern Festival.

Group Performance

Lan《蓝》(Blue) (2015)

Contemporary composition, composed by Zhang Meng

“Blue” is one of the “three primary colors”. It is the symbol of eternity and it is the coldest color. The pure blue color expresses the beauty, sanity, quietness and expansiveness of a wireless. The whole piece is in the traditional Chinese pentatonic mode, combined with some rhythmic and melodic directions from the Western “blues” which portrayed the concept of “blue” from the other perspective.

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