Group Lesson

Guzheng 2-6 People Group Class

Course Prices

$50 per hour, $500 for one term (10 lessons in total)
*Please contact Julia to confirm the online class before placing the order, thank you!*

Advantages of Group Classes:

1.Cost-Effective Learning:

Group classes offer a more affordable option, allowing you to receive quality instruction without breaking the bank. Share the joy of learning guzheng with others while making the most of your budget.

2.Learn with Friends, Family, or Partners:

Embrace the opportunity to learn guzheng alongside your friends, family, or partner. Group classes provide a communal setting for shared experiences, fostering a supportive environment that enhances the learning journey.

3.Motivation Through Companionship:

Learning in a group setting brings a sense of companionship, motivation, and shared interest. With peers to share the journey, the learning process becomes more enjoyable, and the challenges are faced together, eliminating the feeling of isolation.

4.Enhanced Support System:

Enjoy the added support of a group as you navigate the complexities of guzheng playing. Exchange ideas, share tips, and celebrate each other’s progress, creating a supportive community that propels everyone forward.

5.Increased Motivation and Interest:

Group dynamics naturally foster motivation and interest. The collective enthusiasm of the class helps keep you inspired and dedicated to your guzheng learning journey, making the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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